Kontakte für Europa e.V.

Kontakte für Europa e.V.

Partnership organization, Germany

KfE was founded in 1998 and aims among others at the statutory purpose of the promotion of education. The association realises projects in the fields environment, education and employment as well as European Citizenship.

Since 2000, it is General Co-ordinator of the Compound of Interests for the Promotion of Economy and Employment in middle and Eastern European Countries with currently 18 members, e.g. local/regional administrations, Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts, compounds of enterprises and educational institutions from Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Moldova. In this function, the association initiates, realises and supports the co-operation of enterprises and other stakeholders of economy and of the education and labour market of the named countries through workshops, seminars, contact fairs, information events as well as consultations, trainings and the exchange of experts.

Apart from 2 permanent staff members, KfE works with a number of freelancers and volunteers with specific expertise in different sectors. Interdisciplinary co-operation is lived in our organisation and is part of our philosophy.


Homepage: www.kontakte-fuer-europa.eu